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Catalog > Vuly Lift Pro Medium

Vuly Lift Pro Medium

Vuly Lift Pro Medium
Vuly Lift Pro Medium

With a 150kg user weight capacity, the Vuly Lift Pro Trampoline isn't just designed for kids. This trampoline is ideal for jumpers of all ages so there's nothing stopping you bouncing up a storm with your children!

The Vuly Lift Pro safety net is made of tightly-woven silk terylene which absorbs the impact of every bounce and eliminates the risk of contact injury. You couldn't hit the frame, even if you wanted to. It is connected tightly to the jumping mat and won't tear when you land on it - it will gently guide you back to the middle of the mat. To protect your fingers and toes, Vuly trampolines are made with fine netting to prevent catching and the holes are too small to get caught on. Plus, there's no chance that your child will hit the springs or frame with the trampoline padding.

Vuly Lift Pro's strong galvanised steel frame clicks together quickly for fast and easy installation. It is safe and reliable with ZERO nuts and bolts, and won't snap or come apart when you need to move the trampoline to mow. Powder-coated in matte jet-black, Vuly is the only brand in the world to use both glavanised and powder coated tubing making it scratch and rust resistant. Two solid rings of steel give the frame durability and sturdiness even when exposed to the elements.

Up-down tapered springs require less energy and create the best bounce for everyone and help alleviate pressure on joints. These springs are made of high-quality coated galvanised steel, making them free of rust, corrosion or breakages, which is why they guaranteed them for 5 years.

Soft and stylish, the pads on the Vuly Lift Pro are designed to prevent bouncers from hitting the springs. They won't slip off and have a thick, direct-connect PVC that loops to ensure they remain in place over the springs and frame. They are reversible for an added stylish touch to your backyard. These Bisonyl pads are water and UV resistant, so they stand up to weather conditions and won't fade or disintegrate. Now with drainage holes, flip between classic blue and cool grey!


  • 10 Year Frame and Joiner Poles
  • 5 Year Springs and Jump Mat (Excluding Print)
  • 1 Year Safety Pads, Net and Net Poles
  • Half Price Parts for Life

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