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Crazy Chemistry

Crazy Chemistry
Crazy Chemistry

Learning about chemistry can be fun with this Wild! Science Crazy Chemistry set. Learn how to make a rocket ball, weird slime and an 'exploding' face, then use them to amaze friends and family with what they can do. How high can a rocket ball bounce? What disgusting things can you do with your weird slime and what can you add to your face mould to make a disgusting mess? Great learning fun for ages 8 years and older with a colour instruction booklet included. Includes coloured polymer, 3 plastic tubes, 2 dowels, protective goggles, small medium and large moulds, extra large mould, 2 small beaker, spoon, 1 pair gloves, 3 pipettes, large jar and alginate, calcium chloride, dish, 2 colours, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, lava foam, 2 scoops, small pipette, stirring sticks, exploding face workbench and colour instructions.


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