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Finding the Right Baby Gift


A new born baby is a time to celebrate but where do you start when you have to buy a gift? Baby toys are notoriously hard to buy and many choose to just buy some flowers or a few washcloths. However, with a little thought you can buy a baby something they can have in future, or something that will help the mother. When beginning your baby gift search remember that you are celebrating a life.

Celebrating a New Life

Buying something extra special for a baby for your friend or family member should reflect how you feel about the event. The reason many choose flowers is that they are a symbol of life, but they won’t last much longer than a few weeks. Instead, you should celebrate the birth by buying something that is longer lasting such as an expensive teddy bear or something for the bedroom (you can’t go wrong with a mobile or night light).

Try to think usability and not just choose something that has ‘congratulations on your baby’ printed on it. This is because parents will be frazzled enough with a newborn, so if they also have the house filled with balloons and flowers they may soon run out of room!

Finding Appropriate Toys

If you are going to buy toys choose something that the baby can use (such as rattles and other classic gifts) or something that can be later or kept as a keepsake. Here are some great ideas for toys, clothes and other gifts:

  • Sleep wear – newborns can sleep quite a bit so there is no need for anything too ‘dressy’, just think PJs for the little one!

  • Fluffy Toys – be careful with this one, and if unsure, ask if they have gotten many already, otherwise they may be overloaded with bears.

  • Wooden Toys – wooden toys are great for early ages as they are more natural and safe to be chewed.

Understanding the Mother

The key to finding the right presents may be more about the mother than the child. Make sure you ask if you are unsure of what they need for the baby. It won’t make the gift any less special if you have made sure of the baby’s size for clothing or if they already have a nappy holder.

You could also just buy something for the mum if you think the little one will have enough clothes and toys. It is a chance to stand out a little by ordering a day spa voucher or something similar so your friend can relax after giving birth.

Back to Basics

Try not to get too complicated with your choice of gifts because quite often traditional choices of toys with something for the mother will be appreciated. It is more important to meet the newborn and congratulate the mother and father! If in doubt always check with the mother or their family to see what is really needed if you think you might buy the wrong thing.

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