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Getting Kids to Play Outside

Child on swing. Outside toys for kids.


Getting your children into the routine of playing outside is a great way for them to stay active, healthy and enjoy nature. However, with so many computer devices distracting them, and keeping them indoors, it can be difficult to push them out the door even on a sunny day. So how can you make your backyard more attractive to the children?

Setting up the Backyard

Having a fun and safe backyard can really help younger children feel more comfortable playing outside while stopping parents worrying about them. Try and think back to elements and toys that you loved in your backyard when you were young, which could have included –

  • Sand pit – a great place for kids to get a little dirty in a controlled environment.

  • Swing Sets – if you have younger children then a small swing set will give them something to burn their energy.

  • Trampoline – not for every backyard (because of space) but is great for when kids start to get a little older and are bored with ordinary outdoor play equipment.

  • A Tree House or Cubby – simple to add in, and if you have a good sized tree it can be a unique place that your children can call their own.

Finding Activities for Outside

Even if you don’t have the play equipment in your backyard, you can still find activities for your children to enjoy outside. Try planning some family time outside to bond with your children and enjoy the outdoors together.

  • A Treasure hunt – this is fun for everyone and especially important around Easter time!

  • Gardening – if you or your partner have a vegetable patch or even a garden bed then set aside some space for the kids to grow something themselves.

  • Sports – no matter what sports your children are into, an impromptu game can be a lot of fun for the entire family.

  • Bike Rides – explore the local area with a family bicycle ride.

Encouraging Physical Activity

Having your children play outside encourages physical activity and will also teach them valuable skills. Not only will your kids get some exercise, but you can too. If you are finding it hard to get free time to hit the gym, make the most of outdoor play with the kids and you’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn!

You can find many kids sized sports equipment for the kids to enjoy and Dads especially love to teach their kids how to throw a ball. Make sure you choose specific outdoor toys as they may be left outside to suffer in the elements. Also be wary of balls and other toys left outside if you have a dog, as they may get seen as a new chew toy as well!

Supervising and Joining In

Always make sure that you are supervising your children and being sun safe in the warmer weather or sunny days. This means regular sunscreen and the correct clothing such as long sleeve shirt and hats. Remember that children will hurt themselves sometimes but just make sure your yard is as safe as you can make it without lining the fence and lawn with foam padding!


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