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Using Educational Kids Toys for Playtime

Educational Computer Games & Kids Toys


Playtime needs to be fun for kids to get involved but that doesn’t mean it can’t be educational as well. Choosing the right educational toys for your children is difficult but with the right research you can start helping them learn and play. There are a few factors that you need to consider when choosing educational toys:

  • How old is your child?

  • What is your child’s reading age?

  • How does your child like to play?

These three questions will give you a good starting point when deciding what to add to the toy box next time you go shopping.

Educational Puzzles

Educational puzzles are a fun way to have your child interacting with their toys and learning as well. While not all puzzles are as educational as others they all share the common benefits for your kids learning hand eye co-ordination as well as shape recognition. Difficulty can vary in these puzzles so make sure you test some on your child to make sure they will be ok and not frustrated by them.

The best educational puzzles are the ones that will reward your child with new information once they have solved it. A few examples are:

  • Dinosaur puzzles that show various types.

  • A body puzzle that shows head, arms, legs etc.

  • Wildlife puzzle that teaches your child about wild animals.

If your child is getting old enough to have specific interests you can also use puzzles to expand and cement a hobby.

Science Experiments

Every child loves to do science experiments from simply making mud through to creating your own volcano; kids can see science in action and learn from it. The type of science experiments you buy for your child will depend on age and their current level of education. Just be aware that most science experiment toys will require some adult supervision.

Some classic science experiments for kids are:

  • A planetarium to learn about our universe.

  • Anything involved with growing.

  • Moulds and models for kids to paint and out together.

Learning through Role-play

Children can learn a lot through role play and it usually begins with imitating adults and their professions. Kids love to be able to pretend they are at the shops paying for their groceries, so a cash register never goes out of style. You might also consider a toy kitchen to keep your children occupied when you are doing some real cooking.

Role play lets children experience something different and will help them develop, especially if they are playing with other children. Role playing games will allow your child to learn to adapt to various situations while learning valuable information about our society. Can you tell what your child might be when they grow up by watching their play?

Reading Material

Encouraging your child to read can be the most difficult, yet rewarding, task of your parenting. Don’t choose just books to teach them to read, use puzzles, computer games and anything else with words to help them learn. There are many great beginner reader series and don’t be afraid to let your child read some adventure books to help stimulate their imagination!

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